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Daily Kerala Lottery Result Live Updates

Every Saturday, the government of Kerala declares the ‘KARUNYA’ Lottery results. The Kerala Lottery results for November 2 will be out today by 3 pm. Kerala is among the 13 states that get to host legal lotteries. The ‘KARUNYA’ lottery is a weekly lottery in Kerala that gets updated every Saturday. The results will be announced soon.

Prizes to be won in the Kerala Lottery 

There are multiple prizes in the Kerala Lottery and the winning-prize amount of the lottery are quite attractive. The first prize winner of the Kerala lottery Result gets to take home a huge sum of ₹80 lakhs. The second prize winner gets to take home ₹10 lakhs. The third prize winner of the lottery gets ₹100,000. The fourth and fifth prize winner gets ₹5,000 and ₹1,000 respectively. Kerala lottery also has sixth and seventh prize winners. The sixth prize consists of ₹500 and seventh prize winner of the lottery gets to take come ₹100


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