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Top Best & Latest Whatsapp Status 2021 Video Downlaod

Everyone likes to put Whatsapp Status Video on their Whatsapp status, so for you today we have shared a very nice 30 seconds whatsapp status video with you, hope you like this video status very much I want to tell you that on our website you get whatsapp status video song, love status video, which you can download from here and apply on your WhatsApp status, to see this website you Thank you very much

Even though most of the users post stories on Facebook and Instagram, there are people who still prefer Love WhatsApp Status to post their stories in the form of WhatsApp Status. Now the Facebook-owned messaging app is testing its new feature where the users can share their WhatsApp status on other apps like Facebook.

The feature was rolled out back in 2021 when WhatsApp introduced a new status feature that allows users to upload photos, videos and GIFs which disappears after 24 hours. During the time of launch, WhatsApp featured 90 seconds to three minutes of video. Also, if the video file is larger than 16MB it gave an option to trim the length of the video before sending it. The limit was later reduced to 30 seconds.


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